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Terms and Conditions

Booking is essential for all our services. During our busy times we can be booked a 4-8 weeks in advance. We have several contracts and these are booked into days throughout the year.


All prices are subject to vehicle size, condition and your location. Surcharge for heavy soiling / pet hair / dog hair.


Please remove all personal items from your vehicle including the boot before we arrive.


We require a driveway or suitable safe area to work. We cannot valet on the street or in public car parks.


The weather has a major impact on what we can achieve . In the event of rain / snow / low temperatures we will contact you to arrange another suitable date. 


Payment by cash or card is due on completion of your valet. Monthly invoicing and payment by bank transfer is available for contracts.  


Cancellations. We require 72 hours notice if you wish to cancel your valet appointment.  Failure to provide at least 72 hours notice will result in a minimum charge of 50% of the valet price.  

Feedback is always welcome. Should you have a problem please contact us on 07787961063 or email

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