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Car Valeting Prices

(all our valets are by appointment only and now have a waiting list )

Our two monthly valets Express and Bronze

these valets can be set up on a monthly basis only after one of our standard, silver or gold packages or a brand new car.


Express Valet from £30*monthly only
4x4/Mpv from £35* monthly only

Wash,spray wax,Towel dry,clean wheels,vacuum(excluding boot),wipe dash only & tyres sheened.


Bronze Valets from £45* Monthly only
4x4/mpv from £55* monthly only

Wash & spray wax,Towel dry,clean wheels,arches & door shuts, vacuum including boot, windows inside, wipe dash & door panels, air freshener, wheels polished & tyres sheened.

Our first time valets standard, silver or gold

Standard valet from £65*car

£75* 4x4/mpv

good general clean of vehicle .


Silver Valets from £85*car
4x4/mpv from £95*

 Wash,towel dry, clean wheels,door checks & arches, vacuum including boot, windows inside & out, wipe dash & door panels, sheen  if required, tar spots removed, hand polish &bumpers sheened if required, air freshener,wheels polished & tyres sheened.



Gold Valets from £110*car
4x4/mpv from £130*

Wash,Towel dry,clean wheels,door checks & arches, vacuum including boot,windows inside & out, wipe dash & door panels sheen if required, shampooing carpets & seats, tar spots removed, hand polish & bumpers sheened if required, air freshener,Wheels polished & tyres sheened.

Wax upgrade £20 on sliver and gold valets

Wax upgrades:
OUR NEW nano wax
Autoglym HD wax



Winter Protection exterior Valet 
£85 Car  £95 4x4/mpv

Lasts up to 6 months



Platinum Valets from £210* 




 Caravans & Motor homes from £50*

Paint renovation from £180

Machine Polishing £225


Exterior Valet from £55 car

£65 4x4/mpv


Interior Valet from £65*car

£75* 4x4/mpv


Detailing from £280*


Price may vary depending on  the 
vehicle condition, size and location

 * please note there is a surcharge for pet hair 

£15 - £25 depending on condition!!

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